School Mission

       1. Encourage our students to become academically competent people by treating students equally as unique individuals.

       2. School must provide enough outstanding in-house learning centers which can facilitate our students self-learning and exploration for up-to-date knowledge.

       3. School must provide a perfect environment and atmosphere in order to arouse students' willingness to learn, so, good activities that can foster our students various abilities and capabilities must also be provided for our students as well.

       4. Facilities must be well resourced with various learning materials and technologies. Relevant training courses and seminars, this idea can assure stakeholders high standard and quality in education provision.

       5. School must cultivate attributes of being creative and initiative in our students. School also has to develop the leadership abilities of our students and at the same time teach them to be rational people who can think and make judgments critically.

       6. The School's Curriculum must be well-balanced and cater for students' physical, social, spiritual, moral, emotional and cultural development.

       7. School, including all teachers, commits to the use of the child-centered approach for the teaching and learning process.

       8. The continuity in developing all areas of administration is very important in improving the school's efficiency, so school must apply PDCA strategy into the school's tasks in order to guarantee students' achievement.

       9. School must be a Learning Organization where everybody: students, teachers, and community members can gain benefits and knowledge from the school. School must cooperates with the community and local wisdom in sharing and creating intelligence in order to develop and improve school's standard and quality in educational provision.