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Intelligence in Science
and Math Program.

         Our program places a strong emphasis on science and mathematics, empowering students to excel in these fundamental subjects. But that’s not all; we go above and beyond by offering engaging lessons in design and technology as well as computing science. By integrating technology into their education, students gain a competitive edge and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

         Equipped with their own laptops, students embark on a digital learning journey that opens up a world of possibilities. They conduct online research, discovering crucial information that enhances their schoolwork. With Microsoft OneNote, physical notebooks are a thing of the past. Students can access and review all their subjects and topics at any time and from any location, giving them the freedom to learn on their terms.
        What truly sets our program apart is the transformative impact it has on students’ learning experiences. Through the utilization of technology, students are empowered to become self-directed learners. They have the opportunity to explore various areas such as basic programming, graphics editing, and the fascinating realm of the Arduino open-source electronics hardware and software design platform. This platform is made available to them through the esteemed Institute for Promoting Science and Technology (IPST). Students gain hands-on experience designing and programming their own circuits. With the PST "Microbox" programmable circuit board, they bring their creations to life, testing and refining the outputs of their Arduino boards.

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Intelligence in Science and Math Program (ISMP)

The homeroom teacher has the role to empower students to attain a high standard of academic achievement.